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About Us

We created the framework for iClickTracks years ago for our own internal online marketing strategies. We originally spent thousands of dollars a year for tracking platforms that were overly complex and not very user friendly. We needed a simple tracking platform that was easy to use with simple reports and exports so that we could track our businesses ROI.

We have used a model of iClickTracks for years and discovered that we weren’t the only company that needed a simple inexpensive tracking system. We found a lot of other companies spending way to much on tracking platforms that included too many complex features they did not use or need.

So in 2012 we rebuilt our software into the iClickTracks tracking platform and are now offering it for public use at a very reasonable price.

Companies and individuals who have paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month on tracking can now find a very affordable system that is simple and easy to use at a fraction of the price most tracking software costs.

We are so proud of iClickTracks that we offer a 30 day trial on all of our plans. We don’t want you to have to pay if you don’t need or want the system so if you think you may need iClickTracks then signup for an account and cancel within 30 days if our system does not fit your business model.

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